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Software Download

EzCad2 software needed for the operation of hardware clocked at 300MHz or more for the computer, memory above 64M, hard disk 10G. The software requirements for Microsoft Windows operating system (98SE/2000/XP). All the instructions in this manual are the default for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The EzCad2 software installation is very simple, user just need the installation CD in the EzCad2.0 directory direct examination to the hard drive can. Then double-click to run after installation EzCad2.0 directory Ezcad2.exe file.

If you do not install the software dongle, prompts the user for the software startup, the system can not find the dongle will enter the demonstration mode, to evaluate the software in demo mode the user can only unable to carry out the processing and storage of files.


This software has the following main functions:

Free design graphic pattern processing
Support of the TrueType font, single line fonts (JSF), dot-matrix fonts (DMF), a one-dimensional bar code and DataMatrixdeng two-dimensional bar code
Flexible variable text processing, real-time processing to change the text, can dynamically read and write text files and Excel files.
Node editing and graphics editing features, you can curve welded, cut, and the intersection operator
Support up to 256 pens, different processing parameters can be set for different target
Compatible with commonly used image formats (bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif, etc.)
Compatible with the commonly used vector graphics (ai, dxf, dst, plt Surroundings for, etc.)
Common image processing functions (grayscale conversion, black and white maps were converted, network processing, etc.), 256 gray-scale picture processing
Strong function of the filling, support the ring fill
A variety of control object, the user can freely control the system with an external device interaction
Open multi-language support, you can easily support the countries in the world language

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